Tonal Sketches

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I make many sketches in watercolor to try out certain things. In order to practice high-contrast subjects, I often paint with only one watercolor, ie monochrome. Here in the first picture the St. Pankratius church in Hankensbüttel is represented by me. It is a very bright object. For this I have come up with a location around the church. It might have looked like that many years ago. The current environment would be too complex and too distracted from the actual object. Due to the extremely dramatic sky, the church comes in my opinion a little better advantage. Especially the contrasts.

Here is a second tonal fantasy sketch. Here, however, a warmer gray was chosen by me as a watercolor. You can mix very well warm and cold shades of gray, or combine. This fictitious motif should reflect an October mood. The fog banks should stand in contrast to the surrounding forest stands. It lacks a witch on the broom and you would have a nice Halloween illustration …

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