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This month I once again tried flowers in Watercolour

This time I took up the theme “hydrangeas” as a theme. In the Easy Watercolor Forum was painted after a pencil sketch – I then went my own way to implement the theme. Actually, this is more of a sketch, because I had come up with a lot during the painting and tried many things. Schmincke colors on Fabriano Studio paper – 32x24cm – Currently I’m working on a still life in the DIN A1 (about 84x60cm) size on Saunders Waterfort natural white paper.


I rarely paint flowers and plants. Here are two older works, which were painted more like illustrations. Image 1 – Daffodils and Image 2 – A silver leaf – The silver leaf is a project from the online watercolor group “Painting Naturalists” by Gesche Santen . A MUST for wildflower fans! If I make it in time, I like to keep looking over there and try some of the motives. The online group can be found on Facebook.

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