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Topics are winter, fur, and more …

In the Easy Watercolor Forummy topic suggestion was chosen for January. The project “painting after a photo” is one of three monthly projects. My photo that has been selected shows “The old forester’s lodge”, heading southwest. It stands in Wierstorf, a village of the municipality Obernholz. It shows a wintry mood. The photo is a bit older, but much has not changed. If you look closely, you will see that this photo has been edited by me a bit digitally to create a nice atmosphere. At the moment it is wet and cold and there is (still) no snow. This photo is individually worked on by different watercolorists. It is NOT a question of painting a copy of the photo, but to develop your own winter landscape in this style. This can be a part of the photo, the reduced or extended view of the landscape, a naive depiction, etc – In addition, there will again be watercolors in different painting techniques (wet in wet, etc.). An exciting thing !!!

I also test the watercolor of Holbein and the “Lukas 1862”. To do this, I attach color charts to the individual colors, which is very labor-intensive. More on this later in another post. Yesterday I had to Brushworks (brushing exercises), some for me tests with draw pen and glass pen. I wanted to find out the advantages and disadvantages of using these tools with masking fluid and water-based watercolor.

Here my promised watercolour – The first version of “The old Forsthaus” without windmill- See febuary BLOG for version 2, too

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