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Daily sketches and more …

I do not have a monthly project for February, as the project from January has yet to be completed. What I will do in the meantime is to draw a daily sketch. To colorize I have prepared my new watercolor box. It contains 12 half pots with Lukas 1862 watercolor paints. This metal case fits comfortably in your pocket. The box is therefore particularly suitable for me on the go. For this I have so-called travel brush set in the set. Water Tank Brushes do not fit into the box. This is a very nice set for Urban Sketching ….

The brush set cost about 18 € and I am very happy with these 3 brushes. Such sets can usually cost well over 50 €. Nice is that two of these brushes, individually fit into the box. Alternatively, I made myself a travel brush (see right), which works very well for me.

UPDATE 7.2.2019

Today I got the 60 Tubes Holbein Watercolor Paints Set. The price is of course unbeatable for the 5ml tubes (not even 2 € per tube). The colors are shipped directly from Japan. You can wait a bit longer, even though it only took a week with this order. Currently the prices on Amazon have been raised by a few cents . Customs fees, etc. have not accrued to me. I believe that since February 1, 2019, customs are no longer levied from Japan anyway (trade agreement).

So far in February I have been out and about every day to sketch outside and gain impressions. I almost always had my camera with me. The first cranes have already arrived and the forest trails, with the many leafless branches of the trees, have their own special charm.

Update 8.2.2019:

I’ll probably be working on my winter landscapes by mid-February. Then I start the project ” Vibrations in Watercolor “. I have various collection projects that I am constantly expanding. So also the project “Phenomena”. This is about topics such as fog, reflections, rain, wind, etc. – Since then, the question for me, what else is there. In addition I got vibrations. It now raises the question of where vibrations occur and how they are credible, so that the viewer recognizes them as such in the picture. Examples would be workers with jackhammers, mobile phones, vehicles, earthquakes, boiling water and much more … I think it’s an exciting topic!

Note: ” Vibrations in Watercolor ” should not be confused with “Color Vibration”! Color Vibration is about the interplay of colors that lie in the color wheel in the opposite half of the color circle. But they do not always have to be directly opposite each other, so they are complementary to each other!

Update 12.2.2019:

Today I finished the winter landscape “Altes Forsthaus”. It shows the typical North German landscape, in the district of Gifhorn near Hankensbüttel. The template photo motif to the watercolor is a bit older. Today, this panoramic view is slightly overgrown / overgrown. The windmill shows that this motif was created at the time of the “Energiewende”.


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