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Current work

Multilingual homepage German / English

Currently I am expanding this homepage for English speaking users. At the same time, all article page buttons and much more have to be translated and integrated into a new area. I think that I have gotten everything under control so far that there will be no more display problems in the German-speaking area. Switching takes place by clicking on the flag symbols in the menu bar

The English-speaking area, however, is constantly being adapted. Since it can come in between once even small changes … This I apologize! The current extensions I will document here and create a copy in English parallel.

Update: The contact form and the imprint are available. Privacy Policy is now being addressed.


Homepage optimizations

For the homepage many more functionalities are planned. Many things are already running as a test in the background without being here publicly active. Analyzes on my part have shown that many optimizations are possible to keep the speed of loading pages and content high. Especially if the homepage keeps growing. Initial work on this has already been completed; further speed optimizations will follow.


Homepage revisions

In between, I looked at the BLOG texts again and discovered many things that needed to be changed or improved. The first revision is complete. Soon I will check the contents again.

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