Fast Pencil Sketches

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Practice fast pencil sketches

Why draw fast? For me it is a goal to be able to make fast drawings on the spot. The weather situation can change quickly. For example, a quick sketch that captures the light and shadows helps. One can then orient oneself in the further course. For a motive also different compositions are to be made as sketches to find out which of these sketches are most suitable for the motive and finally for the watercolor.


Here is one of my my quick pencil – sketches / exercises

This exercise is designed to practice many different poses. Time people, sometimes animals. Outside, there is very little time to capture moving people or animals. It helps to have already practiced certain things in advance. Size, proportions, light and shade, posture and balance, etc. This also trains the memory. A moment is held in the head. Then, without looking further, the memory is drawn on the paper. Because of the experience gained from the exercises, things that have not been properly understood can often be “credible”. There are many different drawing exercises to help you better map the world. For example, turn the photos upside down and sketch the sketch the same way, upside down.

Everyone knows this wooden figure as a model for drawing. You can bend them to represent different poses. I put a black box in the background and lit the figure with a lamp and finally took a picture. So you get nice exercise templates with special lighting that you can practice. In everyday life you have less problems with the stray light to deal with. Here are a few of my self-made wooden figure poses. I put these here once for practicing freely available. The photos themselves may not be used commercially or changed. 


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