In the middle of March

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After some turbulent days, now I’ve the time and the calm for painting again. Let’s start … For that I looked into the past. In March 2017, I painted wildflowers on Gesche Santen’s online group. Here’s a “Stachys” left in picture. I strongly neglected these blossom motives. Therefore, in March I want to paint a flower motif. No wildflowers, but maybe an apple blossom …

In addition, I have decided to take a lot of time for sketches and brush painting exercises. For the brush painting exercises I will use the Hake Brush. This is a goat hair flat brush. The special feature of goat hair is that the hair keeps its shape, which they have adopted while painting. Only when the brush hairs are dried again, the original flat brush shape is accepted again. Pictures / films will follow ….


A Hake Brush is especially often used for painting a “fast watercolor”. Ron Ranson should be mentioned in this context. Many of his PLEIN AIR works were painted with the Hake-Brush, reduced to the bare essentials. I will do this painting style in connection with the brush painting exercises. This is my setup for my latest exercises and watercolour sketchings – “Daniel Smith” watercolour¬† und SAA light red – Watercolour paper “Saunders Bockingford” raw for landscape paintings –¬† And my brushes I use for testings.

16-March – Today I’ve got my Kremer Watercolours. It’s a little metal box with warm and cold greys. A colour card is included. I want to use it outdoor to paint tonal sketches


19.March 2019 – Here are two of my latest Watercolour Sketches. The river scene is very simple. It was only a 30 minutes sketch using the Hake Brush. The Cow scene is very comlex. So I reduced the trees and many details from the photo.

27-March -2019

Today I got my new watercolour sets. I want to use it for Kakao-Cards (It’s like ATC und ACEO) and Landscape themes. More Information about this in April …


My Sketch for today and my last Sketch for March 2019 – Din A3 – I used a photo of Antje Gilland, with some changes in background …

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