The April 2019

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In April the seasonal outdoor sketching begins. My first exercises are to sketch people in motion. After this, I have to integrade the exercises into City-Landscape. A lot to do this month … More details later, here on this site…

22-April 2019

Yesterday I sorted my painting equipment. And I found a lot of.imcomplete paintings. I don’t know what I can do with these paintings. To complete the paintings? All these painting were made plein air. I think, those paintings have to be completed only on-site, if any. I’m not far from Nürnberg this year. … Here two examples of my bunch of incomplete paintings … First a Nürnberg panorama painting und second, a view from the garden to the castle.

21-April 2019


Today, I ordered new “black velvet” flat brushes. My old brushes aren’t useable to do washes … Now, I’ve to paint a lot of elephants for demonstration special limited palletes. For this, I use some Pixabay photos for orientation. I’ll use all for my colour studies here …


18-April 2019

I’m now preparing an article about my watercolour studies for my homepage. On the basis of these, mor articles will follow. Why and how, will be written in my first article. I need some time, because I have to write the articles in two languages. Although it seems that nothing happens on my homepage, I’m writing the article continuously in background. If it is ready, there is a new categorie “Studie” under the menue option “About my ….”. There you can fnd my future articles about my colour studies.


16-April 2019

Today a made a Five hour sketchwalk. I walked ca. 10 km.. Here the first impressions.


View to Bokel

Camping fold table

The view

My quick pencil sketch


15-April 2019

I used a photo from skeeze on Pixabay  to paint this sheep sketch.

Schmincke Horadam watercolours,  Bockingford watercolour spiralblock, 140lb , 16″x12″


14.April 2019

Sunday! Early in the morning I started a walk in nature. I searched nice and pretty objects for my paintings. So I found this herd of cows an collected a lot of material for my sketches and paintings. I made no sketches directly by the herd, because it was a cold, rainy and windy day …


12.April 2019

Today I closed may Homepage DAHEIMLERNEN.DE – More time for me to write here in this area … On this homepage (, I changed the menu. The “contact” and “abaout me” are part of “?”  – There is a new menu-option “About my …” . I want to expand this area with more categories like “studies”, “projects”, “colours”, and more …  to write articles to each categories.


2.April –

I made no mention of Watercolor-Portraits on my Homepage. Sometimes I painted animal portraits in watercolour, but I rarely painted human portraits. In the future I want to work on this theme. I used some workshops of Carrie Stuart Parks to learn the basics of portrait painting (video and books). Her watercolours are wonderful and great! I used the favorite watercolor paint that Carrie used. And now, this watercolour painst are my personal favorite in tubes, too. This colour seams to be available only in tubes. As against this honey based MGraham watercolour paint, the german Kremer watercolours are only available in half and full pans. My favorite watercolour paints are honey-based, in the right mixture. Then the pigments spread very homogeneously on watercolour paper.

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