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When the April goes away, comes great weather and the May!

Back from Erfurt outdoor painting. We had great weather and a lot of fun. Thank you very much, Kirsten Behme-Priebsch ! The meeting was very well organized ! In May I want to continue my studies and do a daily exercise. Under “About of  my …”, I integrated the category “Exercises” . Here you can find two of my latest watercolour Sketching exercises …

The BLOG will be continued in May.

18.May 2019

Today I finished my “Vendelin” exercises, but in some weeks i’ll try it again. My next painting is an Easy-Aquarell-Forum project.  The members have to paint  a picture of an alley. I just made my own way to paint a picture of this alley. So i made some changes  in the photo.  Until the end of the month i’ll paint some animal exercises, too.

16.May 2019

The last days, i worked on my “VENDELIN” exercises and uploaded some photos of my painting steps. If this painting is finished i’ll paint more animal exercises. I’m a new member of some watercolour workgroups and have to paint a lot! All this themes of the groups are in my special interests, i worked on.  So i hope, I come forward with my ideas of paintings…

Generally, i sketch motives with pencil at first.( Compositions, Light and so on …). Next steps are watercolour sketches and painting colour scales and do mixtures of colour. Now i intrgrate a new process. I’ll paint “Line and Wash” motives before i start to paint a watercolour picture. I’ll use a waterproof ink-pen to draw the motive and if it’s ready I’l make an under-painting to finish the painting. I’ll write more about this in a new article, later..

13.May 2019

In spring and summertime, i have to paint a lot of pictures. So I’ve less time for my homepage. But i try to upload some impressions as much as possible. Actually, i paint a lot of animals, one cityscape and do my viatual sketchwalk. Some Plein Air projects are coming soon, too. The first outdoor project is “Painting at the Ilmenau”. It’s a river not far frome home.

And now, i want to paint bigger picture formats / sizes. I sketched autumn motive on watercolour paper (80×57 cm) It’s from a photo Christine Wiedenmann made. The photo shows a sunflower, a corncobs, and a pumpkin. A lot to paint …

12.May 2019

Currently I i want to learn more about the “MODERN WATERCOLOUR PAINTING”.  It isn’t my preferred painting style, but I want to get more information about this. The first step is only theoretical. I bought some books, today. A book from  Heinz Schweizer, Bernd Vogel and an En Plein Air Watercolor book, which “MODERN WATERCOLOUR PAINTING”  concern in it’s own way …

Yes, I’m still working on my “VIRTUAL SKETCHWALK” watercolour sketches. Although other picture-viewers like my sketches, I can’t agree with.  Here a quick pencil  pre-sketch in special view of the Notre Dome in Paris.

10.May 2019

Currently i’m testing my watercolours I’m using my little sketchbook. The scenes are coming from VIRTUAL SKETCHWORK – This is a FB sketching group. My first results are very ugly. When I make better results, I’ll upload these paintings here.

Today,  my big tubes of Winsor&Newton watercolours will be delivered -37 ml –  The colour palette of this big tubes of colours is reduced on the most importand. Currently, I’m “collecting” different nice and high transparent blue values. I need these blue values for mixing nice brilliant green values.. The delivery includes Black Velvet brushes, too. I use the Black Velvet flat brushes since a view days.and I’m very happy with these brushes. They hold a lot of water and the strokes are very evenly. But it’s is a subjectiv impression …

I do a lot of brush-works. My aim is, to learn painting forms and surfaces with one or few “touches” (of brushstroke). If possible in different colours and in a three dimensional look. A transparent watercolour painting needs (lives on) loose and spontaneous brushstrokes. Corrections often distroy or worsen a watercolour painting. Therefore the need, to have a control of using the tools ….

8.May 2019

It’s sure ! We’ll get an optical fibre port… We have needed it since a lot of years before… But,  delayed is better than never ….


6.May 2019

Today, I want to paint my dog theme again …

I have a new project for my to-do list.  In my crafts corner i want to construct a stabile camera holder for my easel. Oh yes! There are so many products avalable to buy. But all solutions are nothing for my needs. I want to control my painting and film this porcess. Which camera i will use therefore, I don’t know, yet. But the camera holder should be able to use for differnent systems.

Nothing should disturb my painting process! I have to think about a light on the holder. It can help to reduce the shaddow of the holder on paper or spending light in a dark area. But at lfirst it should be stabile. My old versions of the camera holder work fine. But they aren’t stabile enough.and hard to configure.

I have a USB storrage battery and should use it for a LED Light strip and the camera.  But at first, i have to work an my camera holder. It should has 2 point fastenings at least.  All foldable!

5.May 2019

I used my easel all over one year. Time for changes or enhancments. I want to reduce the equipment and the weight. I have a solution for this problems and i’ll start my project shortly. In my solution, there is an area for my watercolour palette, my  brushes, water, and so on …  There will be a hanger for my backpack, So my easel will be more stabilized. Great for windy days…

To paint in hudger formats, I bought two flat Din A2 bags. To stabilize the bag on my backpack, I’ll use some velcro fastener stripes.

4.May 2019

I didn’t like my painting and thought about, to put it into the trash.. But this painting was made outdoor and something can get wrong… So I wanted to finish it. And here is my outdoor version of the “kaemer Bridge” of Erfurt.

3.May 2019

Today, I worked on my colour study. First part in german language. After it is done,,I make an english translation. It is the first introducing article, others will follow. The first part includes a lot of informations.

My wishes for the day: First, to finish my second outdoor watercolour painting of the ” Erfurt Kraemer bridge”.  Second, to go forward with my dog exercises ….

2.May 2019

Erfurt is a good example, what people are able to rebuild from old ruins. Many old german provinces can learn a lot of this creativity. – So for this reason, I want to have a look for old buildings and attractions in the surrounding area like Wittingen and Bad Bodenteich. There are many beautiful old timber-framed houses, a habour with an industrial area, and a lot of more attractions. Great themes for sketching and painting in future …

Today, I continued my dog exercises. I painted some little pictures in scribble-technique. I like this technique… I continue my elephant exercises in the next days,too. For this purpose, I got some studiy documents. Espacially useful for this theme are Hazel Soan’s learning art videos, not only for elephants…. She is a great artist !

1.May 2019

After a journey, I have to look deeper on my paintings. In the next days, I rework the themes of my Erfurt jouney and parts of the themes. Under “Exercises” I’ll upload this and discribe my problems I had. First of all some pencil sketches I made outdoor in Erfurt: The Augustinerstreet near the abbey and a part of the Kraemerbridge …

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