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My exercise today is a dog named Vendelin

This is a quick sketch of my dog Vendelin of Böhmerwald. He died this year of an age of 13. My watercolour sketch is my very first dog paintig. For me, it is very tricky, to paint a black dog and his black fur. I have a close look at my photo, to see the diffenent tonal values… My next step is, to paint some abstract sketches for simulation the fur ….

At first step, I tried to get the forms and surfaces of the dog. I try to find the matching tonal values, too.  I used 3 colours for mixing dark values. With transparent siena, ultramarine blue and Chinacridone red I got only a darkr violet.  But it seams the right direction to find good matching darks. … The dog silhouette is ok for me. In my next exercises, I use the running Vendelin, see above. I try to use burned sienna instead of transparent siena …or burned umber to mix a darker value…

Here an update – This is my finished work of part 3 (see the silhouette above), using the classical landscape colours. I got a more greyer colour , mixed with burned siena, magenta und ultramarin blau. My lightest colour is raw siena.


The first steps .



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