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There is much to do …

Watercolor painting live 

Yes, it will certainly not be easy. Watercolor painting live. Why am I doing this? No idea! Well, I have certain things in mind. At least it combines my interest in painting with my free time. The dates when I’m on Twitch Online will always be announced on this kiosk page . At first I will announce something very spontaneously. I just have to try something out …   The pictures that are created during the stream will be displayed here in the blog.

And so it goes through the spring …

Stream on my homepage

I am currently trying to redirect my streams to my homepage. I don’t know if that makes sense. But at least I can set it up so that you can see if and when I’m online. A direct link already works. (Click on Twitch in the lower right corner of the picture). However, a stream may appear in the white area when I am online. Just take a look… Friday evening to Sunday evening I’ll be live in the ZOOM workshop. Then it goes on here in small steps, because I still have to pay attention to my data limit for the Internet account. When the broadband connection is finally switched through, everything should be easier (I hope). Click on Load Content load content)


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The Zoom Workshop is almost over …

So far it has been a very nice workshop and I’ve learned new things again … The very fast painting is very exhausting and unfamiliar for me. But with the techniques presented, I managed to do it. I now have plenty of material to practice new things over the next few months. Here is a quick picture of today, based on a photo by Anita Ulrich.

It’s all over now …

What a finale! Time passed so quickly. Today in  the workshop  all of the technology was brought together again. I now have endless practice material. Now I will work out and practice my motives. At the moment I still have my problems to make a picture / sketch in 20 to 30 minutes. Especially when the negative technique is used. First I will deal with the quick sketching of the preliminary drawing. I can make up a lot of time here in particular. For now, I’ll put my conventional tonal value sketch a little in the background.

Nothing stands in the way of my live streams now. Everything works.  

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