About me …



 I love it to discover the world new and in a whole new way



I lived and worked until I finished my career in technical fields. Now I dedicate myself to some things that I’ve always been interested in, but for lack of time I’ve never been able to deepen: watercolor painting, drawing and sketching, and a little playing on the piano– That’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy it. I have already met many new people through painting and sketching, also in person. It seems like the world is becoming a village. What I did not initially suspect is that through painting I see the world through different eyes. Many things have to be researched, read and revalued by me. I’m interested in things I’ve never really been interested in before. In doing so, I also go out into the wind in wind and weather. Yes, there is a lot to catch up with and learn. This is a nice side effect: a lot of material for the gray cells ….

All these activities I document on my two remaining websites – once on this public hompepage here (blazey.de) and additionally on the private homepage DAHEIMLERNEN.DE. My two homepages are mainly about watercolor painting . BLAZEY.DE serves as an exhibition space for a very small part of my work and also contains some background information – Daheimlernen.deBy contrast, it is a meeting place, workspace and discussion forum for watercolorists and painters from my personal environment. Here are almost all of my works contain, show their emergence and my career. For these public pages here, this would be far too complex. In addition, I have on Daheimlernen.de areas where I document the musical progress for the music teacher / like-minded people. I like to play and practice classical and modern pieces on my old white piano grand piano from 1957. I agree and care for this myself as far as possible.


How did everything start with my painting? In the summer of 2015, I made my very first steps into watercolor painting with the painter  Wolfgang Baxrainer from Austria, without painting and drawing skills. So I found that I lack any basic knowledge. I looked for help and support in the nearer region (Isenhagener Land, Wittingen, Hankensbüttel). Unfortunately, in vain. The offer here is very limited and the few artists I’ve mentioned here were not interested in teaching adults.

Fortunately, half a year later I met  Reinhold Spatz (studied illustrator and painter) at the KVHS Gifhorn. He introduced me to topics such as image design, perspectives, compositions, spatial drawing and sketching. At the same time I was allowed to get to know his style in watercolor painting. Some time later I got to know watercolor painting in the style of  Dieter Kiesow at VHS Uelzen and accompanied him on some of his painting tours. This is how I “worked” through the educational offers in our extended region. (Wolfsburg, Salzwedel, etc.) In the meantime, I am on the road all over Europe and still enjoy participating in watercolor workshops and Plein Air meetings.

There are many other well-known watercolorists and artists that I got to know personally in workshops.  Antje Gilland and Alex Vasilev have had a particularly positive memory here. In the future, of course, I will continue to participate in workshops and meet with like-minded people to paint events in order to develop myself further. Planned and booked here are already events with Kristina Jurick , special watercolor courses in the Kunstfabrik Hannover, workshops with Reinhold Spatz (Gifhorn) and Antje Gilland (Lüneburg / Uelzen)

Besides all these present events, I also use the internet. Here I paint in various online groups of well-known watercolorists and was a member of the EASY-AQUARELL forum for several years. My very first drawing online course I had booked with the Dutch Koosje Koene. Also with Terry Harrison I was there until his death in the online painting group. In addition, I use various international learning portals such as Craftsy or Udemy – There I have many interesting Sketching, drawing and painting classes booked and worked through. Often there is information that you already know. When repeating already existing knowledge, I often refresh my knowledge and deepen it .. Of course, I also use the classic video instructional films (DVD) and books ..


I prefer painting outdoors or on the road (outdoor painting = en plein air) – often in the Südheide, between Celle, Lüneburg and Wolfsburg. This is another challenge, as it is exposed to wind and weather. Often the many details in nature have to be reduced. Often a difficult task to master. For the En plein air painting, I have put together, tested and developed a special equipment. More under “tools” on this homepage.

Of course, there is always the question in the room, which watercolor painters of our time and their works I particularly like. I can not answer this blanket. Because it is often dependent on the motives that are presented. Still Life, Portrait, Landscape Painting, etc. – Robert Wade, Joseph Zbukvic, David Bellamy, Carrie Stuart Parks, Terry Harrison, Ron Ranson, and … and … I can name here. I follow many Asian and Eastern European artists on Youtube and there are more and more. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It is important that enough time remains for own work and ideas. But I think it’s important to think outside the box …