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Calendar week 33

Rain, storm and autumn weather

Twitch made me lose sight of my goals from the beginning of the year. I wanted to study Hazel Soan and David Bellamy. Right now I like the quick portrait sketches and I will continue to build on this. I’m also just reworking Anita Ulrich’s workshops. I can certainly combine both with each other later. 


More quick portrait attempts

Today only quick pencil sketches … Maybe I’ll still paint them. Three more are still missing. With the 10 minutes I just got there for one portrait.

Right now I’m hanging …

a little in the air

I think it is simply difficulty concentrating that occurs in between. The clear view of things that you want to implement is simply missing. It’s a bit annoying, but it is probably part of the creative process. Then I try to take steps backwards again and make everything easier. So “back to the roots”, or “back to the basics” and “keep it simple” is the order of the day.

And that’s exactly how I will start the next few weeks …

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