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Blog in calendar weeks?

Yes, that makes sense to me right now. From the Sunday after the stream to the Sunday before the stream. I also looked at this stream again and discovered some mistakes that I should avoid! I told a lot again and almost didn’t get to paint. Yesterday I didn’t draw a sketch, but the London sketch on watercolor paper (Bockingford pad). Here my start into the stream and the end of today’s stream. I’ll finish painting the picture on Tuesday, that’s my plan. Then I would like to sketch out another motif, which I can then finish on the next Sunday.

Update: The London City motif is painted. There are so many things that can be improved now because the subject is very complex. The bus couldn’t use paint, the clock slipped a bit, and, and, and … It’s a sketch and that’s enough! The goal of bringing out light has succeeded in something. The foreground could be even darker. What’s next? I want to paint a big picture again. Din A2 or larger. Maybe even outside, directly on site. I already have ideas… But that will probably only remain a wish….

On the other days I want to continue my “Daily Sketches” project. Certainly I will have dropouts on some days because I have to work things out first. Keyword “Hidden Creatures”. These sketches do not end up here in the blog, but in my galleries. At the moment I haven’t produced anything worth seeing. Therefore, nothing new has been added to the galleries. This is about to change soon ….

Today I got some photo templates with which I can start my “Hidden Creatures”. In addition, there is finally a trailer for my Twitch stream and a banner that I have also included on YouTube. Got it done today. Just have a look at my Twitch channel … Here is my screenshot with my nickname

Hidden creatures
The first approach

Today I started to work out some hidden creatures without even hinting at the digital drawing board. Now the analog drawing work begins. Here is the photo with some creatures. Now I see other creatures that I can work out as well. An exciting thing for me … you can’t see anything? Use the enlarged view and also the magnifying glass …

Today there was no hidden creature, but a 10 minute portrait. I participate in Neumann-Art on Discord and Twitch. I love the type of portraits. All sketches go to the exercise gallery. I started a little late and unprepared today, but I have my painting materials ready for the next few sessions. Then several 10 minute sketches are drawn..

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