Last modified Thursday, 5. October 2023 - 12:32 o'clock

It’s that time again

Anita Ulrich’s online autumn watercolor course begins on October 20, 2023. Every Friday there is a new topic that we work on. This time it’s about the use of pens (ballpoint pen, pencil, etc.) in watercolor. The last course unit will appear on December 8th. If desired, all participants can present their work in the associated forum, which will then be discussed.

In the last 2 years I have been able to take part in the courses, but have not been able to paint anything. I’m all the more pleased to be able to be productive again.

And yes, they still exist! My very old first videos here on YouTube. My Twitch streams were recorded, but they are far too large to be made available on the web (8 gigabytes and more). I will edit my new videos together again and put them on YouTube.

What about the Hawaii motifs? I’m currently working on the 3rd test motif in Din A3 and then it’s time for the large formats. Because I really like the motifs after a lot of research, I will paint all three motifs in large format. Maybe even multiple times in different styles.

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