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Last Modified at Wednesday, 28. August 2019 - 13:36

Some new changes

I have done some tests and will have to make many adjustments. The navigation bar has been adjusted and already planned parts have been installed. But some things are still missing.  This gives an idea of how complex the New Homepage will become. And all bilingual. A shop area is still planned for the future, which still has to find space in the main navigation. The options in the navigation bar, which contain a sub-menu, are still missing a link. A description is then referenced here, which explains the whole area. 

Yes, these are all many technical things described here. This will change once the homepage is set up correctly. All other technical concerns will then be set out in my AREA of INTEREST, under the heading WEB DEVELOPMENT. Since I am active in some developer forums for personal interest, I will also exchange technical information with other developers here on the site.

After years of storage, the weather station will also be set up this year and put online. As you can see, I don’t get bored! In the near future, however, I will concentrate more on painting and only take this website forward in very small steps…

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