CW 28 – In the middle of july

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Calendar week 28

I now work my way through the week in the middle of July! How quickly time flies!

Today I first ordered painting boards. 8 mm thick! I will coat these with white emulsion paint. Then I can try to paper the watercolor cardboard on the boards. The painting should be much more pleasant because the paper can no longer curl! I’ll also try my paper glue here.

My camcorder is unfortunately gone! Now my webcam has to do this work again. I always have to do a lot of manual adjustments in order to adjust the colors correctly for output on the screen … My new A3plus printer is also configured and ready for use. Unfortunately it only presses up to a grammage of 260g – yes, it is actually enough! Nevertheless, the disappointment was quite big … I then treated myself to the Epson-Velvet DIN A3 + paper for art prints. Then I’ll try the Hahnemühle – Genuine handmade paper in DIN A3. I always have something to do….

I put together a Twitch shirt for myself. At least I hope that the logo will be exactly like this:

Tuesday will be painted live again

Hopefully without any major problems! And now I want to spoil a little. For a change, a historic building should be painted in the landscape again! We have an old mill in the area that has been restored and rented out. This old Dutch windmill is near Ohrdorf. Look here…

Of course, I went out and photographed this mill from a cross street. After these photos I will then paint this mill in watercolor.

Wittingen Ohrdorf (Germany) Old Dutch Mill

And what is there on Friday?

Good question! A white cat wouldn’t be bad. This morning I also had the idea to paint a crocodile. I would also like to develop and paint robots one day. And what about my hidden creatures? To be honest, I haven’t really found a connection to these characters yet. I think it will take some time first. Today I will use my new cam in my little studio. Then I will paint some painting boards with emulsion paint so that I can paper the first watercolor papers on them tomorrow. Next Tuesday I can probably go in front of the camera with my first try.

I’ll take my notebook back to the studio and connect my graphic display to it. Then I have more opportunities to approach the hidden creatures topic. And in the meantime, I’ll keep thinking about the subject for Friday. When I have decided, I will enter it here and in the stream info … 

And sometimes it turns out differently than you think

The new camera was junk and was exchanged straight away. So it turns out to be a Sony digital camera with a live stream function. Then I can use this camera when I’m on the go. Everything in the lower price segment. These things get stale so quickly. Today I’m going to pick out a crocodile motif. Haven’t painted anything like this before. I’m curious how I can implement that.

No sooner said than done … Here is the picture I drew yesterday in the livestream. 

Maybe a little movie?

If I’m lucky, I’ll get my camera before the next stream. Then I would like to make a little film for my YouTube channel again. The topic would be the mounting of damp watercolor paper on the painting board. Once with wallpaper paste and once with paper glue. Then I could test the result on Tuesday … Let’s see if it works.

Unfortunately nothing arrived today…. So I made a quick sketch …

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