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Calendar week 30

… with some delays

There are some delays in my streaming studio conversion 1.0. The delivery of some components is delayed. Everything should arrive today! But it won’t be delivered until tomorrow. Well this is not a big deal now! Then I’ll stream at the same time on Wednesday. Everything else remains. I also have my graphics tablet in such a way that I can work with it again. Without major rearrangement campaigns.

Haunted by bad luck!

This morning I noticed that my video LED light fell down overnight. The gluing of the new handrail has worked. Cheap processing, cheap glue! It was still very wet. My watercolor paper, which I had painstakingly opened, is no longer usable! Now I have additionally secured my cameras and practically welded the defective rod with my 2 component glue. It is a mystery to me why this is not done with such expensive goods.

So everything will be delayed for a couple of hours …

And the week is not over yet …

Conclusion for today: I succeeded in drawing up paper, painting cats with the “Vogel-Stauß technique” went completely wrong. I also have to practice white fur! Urgently! 

And last July stream I try my hand at a hippopotamus. A Pixabay photo serves as a template, see link. Tomorrow at 10:30 am it will start. I take a Din A4-plus format and paint on my Fabriano Artistiko watercolor pad Grana Fina 300g / m2.

Now July is over too! Here my hippopotamus. Not quite finished! I’ll do rework in the next few days …

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