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Calendar week 37

In the middle of September

This week I would like to try out alternative approaches to portrait painting. I should also start practicing the facial elements individually in all perspectives. When it comes to winter landscapes, I’m currently far away from the standard level. So keep practicing …

For the live stream tomorrow I will put new watercolor paper on the painting board again today. It is not yet clear which person I will try to paint.

I picked out a motif on the fly. I don’t like the white beard at all. I just have to practice how I can represent something like this in a simplified manner. Still, it was a nice exercise for me.

Trash Art

…I can live with that!
There have been voices lately saying that I shouldn’t always put my pictures through the shredder. If, in my opinion, I have painted pictures that are for the garbage can, I should call them Trash Art and pass them on. Then I won’t collect as much paper either. Ok, I’ll let that go through my head …

In any case, tonight I’ll make little exercise sketches. Something completely different than usual. And also live in the video stream. As always, completely unprepared in chaotic  🤣 .

OH ! Already Autumn

Corona Special

… for the September song

Today I am not going to paint or draw. The saxophone recordings for the September song are made. Now the videos still have to be cut. A private mix should also be created. Tomorrow we will paint again … 🤣.

Another week has passed

… every day races by us

I have a lot of small things to do today. Tonight I’ll sit down and sketch a little. Let’s see if I can do this in the livestream. In the next week it will continue with full swing. And slowly I have to decorate my Discord server a bit and my OBS could also use more media content. I will also activate the full version of my bot in order to develop many more commands. So it won’t be boring. 

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