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Calendar week 39

The workshop time begins

This week my village watercolor sketch is being raffled / given away on Twitch. On Friday my streaming plan expired. Then I will only stream sporadically. The reason for this are the watercolor workshops I have booked. This can drag on into next year. I’m looking forward to it! 

Today it starts

Zoom workshop first day

Today I sent the postcards and the watercolor to the winners of my live chat raffle. You should receive everything within the next few days. I have deleted the names and addresses for data protection reasons.

On Saturday I was not feeling well and at times I was only able to watch the Zoom workshop from bed. That was a real shame because I was looking forward to it so much. I streamed again on Sunday. I should have let it go. A little preparation should be done beforehand. In the next week I will devote myself to simpler motifs … I also hope that my registration for the workshop was not overlooked. I had received a confirmation months ago. But now there is silence, although the workshop is fully booked …

I put the beach dune again as a BLOG picture because I didn’t paint anything useful this week …


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