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Calendar week 40

Workshop: water in watercolor

Now it’s getting dark again early and the candlelight radiates warmth. The cozy time at home begins and for me the time to develop myself further in workshops. Or: just having fun with other people … I have also adjusted the layout of my stream accordingly.

Properties of watercolors

Expand watercolor techniques

As already detailed in my online group, there are other watercolor color properties that are not marked on the tube. For example the flow properties. Straight fur structures with beautiful frayed edges look very good in watercolor. But color gradients with different hues can also enhance a watercolor if it works properly. I will now delve deeper into this topic. In this context I will not get around the subject of paper. My new standard artist paper is from now on the French arche watercolor paper. Because of Brexit, I will no longer buy any new Waterford or Bockingford paper. This saves me the hidden customs fees. But it will be a few more years before my paper from the other manufacturers is used up. With the Arche paper I am on the safe side and have optimal conditions for good flow properties. I will choose colors with “poor” flow properties and pimp up a bit depending on the use.

It starts on Friday

The workshop begins …

Now everything has been confirmed again and the workshop can begin. The weekly blog will end on Friday and a blog will be opened for the entire workshop time. There all sketches are put back in a picture gallery. Like I did in the other workshops. 

Today and / or Friday I will be streaming live. I put the pictures / sketches in this blog.

To draw

So that it goes on …

I always struggle with my pictures. And rightly so, I think. But why is it? It is probably not just a lot or fast painting and drawing if you don’t know what is going wrong. And yes, an important factor is the living line. Often little noticed. But so important. Like the sound of a note in music. Sad, decisive, happy or aggressive. There are so many facets. 

I am just finishing another workshop on the subject of “Learning to Draw Correctly – Classic and Modern” – Now I “just” have to stick with it and do my daily warm-up exercises. With the pens, but also with the brush. Yes, and there I am back to the subject of “The loose watercolor”. 

What is it that bothers me about this term? Maybe because the brushstrokes often look imprecise and bungled to me in such pictures? That’s right, the term can’t be used for! And it is the same with drawing. Drawings often appear stiff because the lines lack dynamism. So there is a lot to work on on the side for me! I’m still thinking about how I can integrate these things here in the watercolor blog. 

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