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New week, new challenges

As I found out, we don’t have a good internet connection on Sundays. The fluctuations in the data transfer rate are too great. Unfortunately! Therefore, it makes more sense to stream again on weekdays. I have now chosen Friday morning again. If I also have problems in the morning, I will have to stream again at night from midnight.

My first attempt at portrait wet in wet was great fun. The picture is actually still unfinished. But I achieved exactly what I wanted to know. So nothing stands in the way of further portraits. I actually like the style a lot. Now I have to get more contrasted. So Tuesday and Friday continue with portraits.

I just had to do it all over again today and make small changes:

Got this symbol today? (Help) added to the homepage menu

I had planned for a long time to include a description of the functions of my homepage. This is the beginning today! I have included the help symbol in the menu bar at the top. In the first video I show what is available in the VLOG area and what you can do there …

Today the worm was in again!

I already had a premonition this morning! My microphone had dropouts in the stream. Then the color in the picture ran too much for me. Then the sound for the recording on Twitch was completely gone. I think I’ve now set some settings so that the next stream will hopefully be better. And I’m looking forward to it! A new male portrait. Well, more like caricatures …

Here is my picture from today …

And here is the link to the Pixabay template for Friday … reference image

This week is slowly coming to an end

Finally, I would like to paint something big again. So I just started putting the cartoons on my Centenaire pad. The size here is Din A2 plus. Both guys should also be in the watercolor. Yes, that smells like a very long stream again! But time shouldn’t play a role here, because I want to be a little calmer and more thoughtful tomorrow. I always paint motifs for the very first time. No preparation whatsoever! As I said, I’m currently working on the preliminary sketch and tomorrow it will start with the color selection, definition of light and shadow and the painted picture. So see you tomorrow if you like …
And then there is more “good news”! My A3plus printer made it to me after 3 months! Now I can also make art prints on watercolor paper myself.

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