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Calendar week 34

It goes on in autumn

Today is already Wednesday and I’m about to start a live stream. Today it should be about heads or faces that I want to practice. I also feel like doing pencil sketches. The problem is that these are difficult to portray in the film. I have already bought a polarizing filter for the camera, but the anti-reflective coating is not yet working properly. 

Any resemblance to politicians or actors is coincidental!

Soaking wet on wet

First attempt unsuccessful

Yesterday, on Thursday, after a long time, I tried again to paint an extremely WET IN WET watercolor. Unfortunately, this failed because I was too impatient and wanted to continue working too early. In addition, it has once again been confirmed that with this technique, warm colors must not be mixed with one another or allowed to run into one another.

I found it very positive, however, that my wet watercolor paper didn’t ripple at all. A totally smooth surface was really fun to paint on. The wallpapering was really worth it!

Today I’m going to paint the back. I will spontaneously come up with a landscape motif again. The night’s live stream begins at 10.30 p.m. Oh yes, in the middle of September we will get the rest of the hardware for the broadband connection installed. Good prospects that we will get started soon and that the data restriction will finally be eliminated.

Today a beach dune


Yes, today I chose a photo template again live. It has become the beach dune. I finished painting the watercolor in the stream. Really finished? Somehow I’m still missing something in the picture … Let’s see if I can add something to the picture on Sunday or do another livestream …

The week ends today. So i stream today between 16-17o’clock (GTM+2)

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