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Calendar week 35

Final sprint

August is over the day after tomorrow and September is approaching in great strides … Tomorrow I have to put the pictures from last week in the old blog and put new watercolor paper on the painting boards. Landscape watercolors will be in the foreground for the next two weeks. From the sketch to the watercolor.

September is here

Autumn is coming in great strides

The summer somehow passed me by. I have little desire for autumn and so emotionally I am already in winter. I will practice songs for the Christmas season and winter motifs for painting. But only from Friday, because I’m a bit depressed at the moment. 


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I wish everyone a good evening

Night stream

Let’s see if I will bring it forward too….

I painted four winter sketches last night. I hand in the pictures after the back of the painting board has been painted. But tonight I will turn to the portrait. It should be about hair and hairstyles. I will also continue to paint the 10 minute sketches.

Next Friday I’m going to throw me back into the fray and my stream starting at 19: 30 o’clock start. Let’s see what my internet line says about it. Twitch advises you to vary the streaming times first.

Today I will practice a few more heads and hair / hairstyles and then the new calendar week will begin …

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