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Dark Art


UPDATE! I’ve cleaned up and reduced my websites again. My pages are only about PAINTING and DRAWING. This is my hobby! Nothing professional! I have adapted my homepage to the professional legal regulations, but my pages are and will remain private. Nothing is sold here and no advertising is placed! And now it starts…

Yeah right! It’s about drawing. I’m cutting back on watercolor painting at the moment. Back to the roots! Drawing from imagination fascinates me more and more these days. Of course I have to practice a lot before I can upload something useful here. But I’m drawing regularly again and that’s important.

My motifs are roughly outlined creatures. More people in certain situations than animals. A mixture of these could go in the direction of DARK ART. Then I would also include objects. I was inspired by Charles Lister (charlesListerArt ). He is very active on Instagram and I ordered his first book through A second book is in the works. It should not only contain SW sketches and be designed more elaborately.

I ordered the book “ Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts” to go with it . I love this series of books very much. Various artists show insights into their work on 320 pages.

At the moment I’m working again on sculptural basic forms in all perspectives. So nothing exciting. As a real template I use a human skull and my anatomy for artists book collection. I also have a number of professional video tutorials on these topics. The shapes and proportions should stick in my mind in such a way that I can later use/apply them freely from memory.

This is also the technique I’m trying to use at the moment: working out forms based on templates and then using them freely. Here, for example, silhouettes are very helpful. I also already work according to movement lines. Unfortunately, I still need perspective guides for the various forms of representation of rooms.

… and that’s it from me again

Many greetings

and stay healthy


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