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Last Modified on Wednesday, 28. August 2019 - 13:34

My new design


The basics for my new design are now available! The navigation bar now remains visible and no longer disappears when scrolling up. For the start page I have created my own template, which differs from the normal page setting. Also for the articles (blog, web development) I have created different templates (templates). There will be different navigation bars for specific areas, later once. To implement something like this, I use a so-called page builder. Specifically, the Elementor Pro Page Builder. The disadvantage of such tools is that they always need to be active and need some extra PHP memory for the plugin. If you can arrange with these things, you have a nice tool to build websites faster.

But beware. Such a tool is used to build up Internet presences faster, but in my opinion is not for laypeople (even if some advertisements promise this). The basis for Elementor is a suitable theme. For purists there is the “Hello Theme”, I use Astra Pro. So that after Theme Updates not everything I have changed is overwritten, I use a Child Theme from Astra. You can easily create it manually or have it created automatically in the online generator, on the Astra pages. Here, for example, I have defined in functions.php what should and should not be found in a search. In the basic setting, Astra had really shown me everything, such as templates, metas, etc. – But this has now been done with my new “SUCHE” widget. 

To make all pages appear faster, I used a number of code optimization tools. However, it has been shown that this has repeatedly led to problems with the display of the websites. Now I only use a cache program that generates static pages from the dynamic pages. Especially with many new features on the web pages, however, the cache is deleted. Then, when a user calls the pages, it may take a little longer for the page to appear because it is being recreated. When the new homepage is ready, it will be very rare.

To make the web pages appear multilingual, I use the Polylang tool. This mainly organizes me the foreign language functions, such as searching or switching from one language to another. Here, careful attention must be paid to the compatibility of all components with each other. I have also invested a lot of time in terms of data protection and data security. The constantly changing legal situation is problematic. I am therefore considering making the homepage generally accessible via a homepage where the visitor must accept that his activities on the homepage may be used by me or third parties. 

Now it’s painting! The header and footer specify the color space. All currently integrated background photos will be replaced by watercolors later. The topic of “clouds” must now be expanded. One idea is to paint flying objects. Almost between the clouds (head and footer) – Let’s see …

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