Blazey Web-Development

Blazey Web Development

Now it's really off to a good start ...
But only for fun in the joy!

It’s a reboot – Actually, I’ve already done a lot already. Now, after finishing my job, it still tingles in my fingers. Now it can go on without pressure, whenever it suits me. 

The focus will initially be on PHP in conjunction with HTML, JavaScript ES6, and CSS in conjunction with WordPress – for the time being! The multilingual website development (currently with Elementor) is also the focus here. What can you improve there? Back away from the page builder … Towards your own theme with its own development and tool environment. Some information about my studies, sources and developments are posted here in this section. 

… and just enjoy browsing!

I support ...

I'm learning ..

I'm testing...

... and bring everything together!

Web Development

We live in the digital age The virtual world is part of our

The Virtual World Is Part Of Our Lives … We Must Learn To Understand!​

Our Team

Here is (yet) no team

Everything is currently handled by me alone and privately. If you would like to join me, you are welcome!  Then it might be possible to tackle larger projects ..