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2.-19.. December 2020


have a nice Christmas 2020










2.-19.. December 2020

If you think you think….

… then you only think you think you have an easy game! Now I’ve been sitting here for hours and can’t decide which color to choose. I made a winter scene from the Din A2 old summer heather sketch. Then everything nicely masked and now? I’ve tried a few color schemes. Great colors came out. And now I’m standing there and I don’t know where the light should come from. I tend to the bottom left on the horizon. Or maybe an evening or night mood? You could also let the moon shine. Just take a look … 

So today I made my decision and put on some background. The masking has now also been removed. I recorded some things for the vlog. Tomorrow it goes on …

Image 3: Not finished yet! The trees need to be worked out and some other things. Unfortunately, it’s not what I imagined. That’s just watercolor …

Image 4: First finished …

2.-6.. December 2020

Elaborate heather winter sketches

Right now I’m trying around a lot. Especially winter motifs.

1. December 2020

Welcome to December 2020

Now the time has come! The annual financial statements are just around the corner. Another New Year’s Eve is planned. The theme is Winter Wonderland. For 2021 I have no painting trips planned this time. I will approach something like this very spontaneously. 

In December it will first be about my pending heather picture – summer version and winter version. I will then try to paint the pictures for the workshop with Anita in a wintry way. In between I paint Christmas cards. That should have been it for December. 

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