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Fritz!Nas and Fritz!MediaServer

USB sticks with pictures, music and films can be plugged into the Fritz!Box. Nowadays there are USB sticks with 2T and 4 TB storage capacity. So it’s worth distributing media in the internal home network. But how does the media get to the TV sets? What if the devices are not internet-enabled?

We don’t have our TV on the Internet because of the many advertisements. However, we use Amazon FireSticks or the X-Box for this. Is it possible to quickly and easily connect the Fritz!Box or the Fritz!MedienServer to these devices? Yes!

I worked with the KODI addon on the X-Box and had no SMB menu despite the expert setting and had given up in frustration. Then the VLC (Videolan) addon was installed and my media server was immediately displayed under network connections. MP4 files no problem! Everything is played immediately.

The VLC addon can also be installed in the Firestick menu and the media server with all its content is immediately available.


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