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Last Modified at Tuesday, 3. September 2019 - 22:02
Uwe Blazey

Uwe Blazey

Launch new personal Web-Development projects

Today I have …

finished one of my booked JavaScript courses. So I got a first overview. In the coming weeks, I will be working on this issue in peace.

In addition, a raw version of WordPress is now running on my notebook with the standard theme – Plenty of room for experiments. Creating your own theme will also be part of it. To this theme I would like special backend design components, special functionalities, etc. Add. However, these have to be developed by me beforehand in HTML,CSS, PHP and JS. 

Yes, I only planned a few hours a day for web development. Only it has become 12 or more hours a day. So it’s time to put the brakes on a little bit, because my watercolor painting has fallen behind a lot. More is being painted now! That’s what I set out to do ….

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