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Internal work on the homepage


Externally, there will be hardly any major changes to the homepage lately. But what is going on behind the closed doors? Here is a brief overview…

Design of the
hompageI create templates for the footers, headers, articles, posts, archives and more. At the moment, I try out many settings in terms of design in order to optimally represent the readability. This homepage must be optimally set to a wide range of devices. On your desktop computer as well as on a tablet or smartphone. Text settings, formatting, color design and layout development come first. Photos and videos need to be customized. This content must be optimally described (SEO) so that the search engines can process this homepage optimally. All this is implemented in two languages.

Performance Charging Speed – Find
This homepage is structured in a completely different way than I have done so far. For the first time, a page builder is used and many small tools are used to enrich the homepage with new functions. However, this requires far-reaching measures in terms of source code optimization, worldwide distribution of the homepage to other servers, so that the homepage can be loaded abroad as quickly as here in Germany. Keyword CDN. In order to be able to test and measure all this, tools such as GTmetrics are still used. In addition, a cache tools are used for code optimization and for generating static web pages. This speeds up the complex web pages particularly well. However, this only applies if you have found the right settings.

Data protection and data secu
rityIn addition to the legal requirements that are to be complied with, one must also consider security aspects. This area is also very complex. In addition, I have already integrated an online shop in the background, for which many more guidelines have to be observed. Whether I will use this shop, I don’t know yet. At least it works in the test and actually only needs goods. Payment processing, receipts, invoices, etc. and the technical things, work very well. In addition to general data protection, attacks against the homepage must be repelled as best possible. But you’re never 100 percent against attacks. You have to take action against spam comments and emails, and much more. Here you have to pay more attention than on the home PC.
To close security gaps and to quickly restore the system to a fast-running system, updates, optimizations, and backups must be constantly made. However, much of this can be done automatically. However, caution is always required, as much can go wrong. 

All this work must be carried out conscientiously, tested and sometimes questioned. As you can easily see, all this involves more effort. Not just the implementation! Technically, you always have to stay on the ball. Yes, I have actually already retired from my professional life, but the fascination with IT remains. Not only here in terms of the Internet and homepage. Image, text, sound and video editing also have a wider spectrum, with which I still like to use. However, as you can already see on the homepage title, I also appreciate the analogy such as watercolour painting, piano playing and ….

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