Last modified Saturday, 2. July 2022 - 20:31 o'clock

It’s slowly tingling in my hands

Almost half a year has now passed without really having painted anything. I saved my old Twitch account at the last second and am still on the road there as FREESTYLECOLOR. When I will stream again is still in the stars. I’m very busy with other things at the moment. Tomorrow, for example, our Internet broadband connection will be activated. Then I have to put all devices into the new network. And and and …

Charles Lister’s booklet was supposed to arrive today. But the delivery service seems to have problems. Drawings or sketches in the direction of DARK ART will be available shortly. Half an hour a day should probably be possible.

In terms of watercolor, there will be something again soon. I have already put together the colors for a poppy motif. I hope I haven’t forgotten too much. First I will paint in postcard size.

… and that’s it from me again

Best regards and stay healthy


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