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Leinburg 2019

So quickly the ten days in Leinburg have passed … It was a longer journey, but it was worth it for me. On the first weekend I took part in the watercolor intensive course “Industrial Age”. In addition to composition, light and shadow, the choice of colours was also experimented with in the motifs. Here are 2 of 3 watercolor paintings that were created in the two days. A machine made of a ship was not painted by me. But I will make up for that and then insert it here. Yes, time passed far too quickly …

During the two days off I explored the area around Leinburg and made some sketches. The view of Engethal appealed to me in particular. Here I made most of the sketches.

Then the “Franconian Painting Week” started. In very hot weather, sketching and painting was done outside. A great deal of emphasis was placed on tonal sketches here, as they served as a guide for watercolour painting in the further course. In addition to a main motif, everyone could choose their own motif on site and put it in the limelight. In the daily picture review then became things like composition, colors and mixtures, light and shadow, etc. discussed for each watercolour. I was made aware of many things that I had not considered. In the future, these things must be practiced and clarified.

In the near future, I will rework all the issues in peace. So much input has to be processed first …

Many thanks to the lecturer Kristina Jurick !!!

This article will be even more detailed ... However, the content is still in progress...

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