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Now I also use the airbrush technique

My airbrush set is now at home: A handy Aero-Pro T20 compressor from Harder & Steenbeck and one of the IWATA Eclpise Takumi Aibrush gun with all connections and accessories. So I treated myself to a second 3ml airbrush cup with a lid and connection. In addition, the basic color sets from Schmincke “Aqua Drop” and the “Aero Color Professional”. I had to adapt the Cleanpott for the airbrush because the paint cup is attached to the side.

Now I have to fill the oil into the compressor and screw on the filter and then I can get started. I got a quick coupling for the airbrush. I first use my hot-pressed watercolor paper as a painting surface. I will also mix my watercolor paints from the tube with water in small glasses and use these colors for the airbrush technique. The 0.35 mm nozzle probably shouldn’t cause any problems here. The color particles should be small enough here if everything has been mixed properly.

Here in the picture on the left the airbrush compressor from the front. To the right of it is the airbrush gun and below it the spray sample. Here you can see very well how fine the jet can be, despite the 0.35 mm nozzle.


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