About me

Now, after finishing my professional career, I only run this one homepage / blog. I also like to follow the innovations in web development and technology. I use digital photography, image processing and filming to create multimedia content for my websites. But my great passion is watercolor painting and drawing. In 2015 I started drawing and later based my watercolor painting on it. I really enjoy painting outside on site, but also at home. For several years I have been attending watercolor workshops on a regular basis. I also go on painting trips, read a lot of books and watch educational films and documentaries about them. If there is still time, I like to sit down at the piano…

I have been living in a small village in the Südheide for over 25 years. It’s a beautiful area that invites you to paint. Here and there there are still beautiful heathlands with sheep, shepherds and tour guides. I use the heather motifs in Bad Bodenteich, at the Heiligen Hain near Wahrenholz, and especially in the area around Hermannsburg in the district of Celle, for my watercolor paintings.

… And now have fun browsing my homepage!