About me

After completing my professional career as a software development engineer, I became more involved in watercolor painting. Due to some setbacks, I was unfortunately unable to paint for more than two years. It wasn’t until the end of 2023 that I started again with my first attempts, quasi from scratch.

I am currently trying to reactivate my streaming platform in order to be active in live streaming again. I had already painted my watercolors live at Twitch.tv for some time. Everything about my painting, I also exhibit here on my homepage, which I have developed especially for this purpose and am constantly updating. Nevertheless, this is all just my hobby!

I have been living in a small village in the Südheide near Gifhorn for over 30 years now. It’s a beautiful area that invites you to paint. Here and there there are still beautiful heath landscapes with sheep, shepherds and tourist guides. Occasionally, I still use the heath motifs in Bad Bodenteich, at the Holy Grove near Wahrenholz, and especially in the vicinity of Hermannsburg in the district of Celle, for my watercolor painting.

For a long time, I only dealt with nature-realistic landscape painting. Now the time has come for me to deal with things beyond that. It drives me to imaginary fantasy motifs. This is called “painting and drawing according to one’s own (imagined) ideas”. Of course, there are also the appropriate English terms: DFI (draw from imagination) and PFI (paint from imagination).

The biggest step for me is contactless painting with the airbrush. Yes, the airbrush technique also works with watercolors. But all this also means that I have to think outside the box! Templates for my fantasy images are created digitally these days. This is also a very complex area that I will deal with in more depth in the future.

… and now have fun browsing through my homepage!