About me

Now that I’ve completed my professional career as a software development engineer, I’m getting more involved with watercolor painting. I do painting trips, painting on site and in the studio at home. I also attend many watercolor workshops, both on site and online. For example, I studied watercolor techniques with Wolfgang Baxrainer (Austria), Kristina Jurick (Nuremberg), Dieter Kiesow (Uelzen), and many other artists. I’m also often online and painting here in the stream with Anita Ullrich from Augsburg. I also use English language workshops such as those by Terry Harrison (sadly deceased), Anna Mason, Hazel Soan, Davis Bellamy and many, many others. Finally, books and DVDs on various watercolor themes round off my little pictorial world in which I move.

My painting could also be followed online live and interactively at Unfortunately, I can’t do this anymore due to time constraints – I exhibit everything to do with my painting here on my homepage, which I developed especially for this purpose and which I am constantly updating. However, this is all just my hobby!

I’ve been living in a small village in the Südheide near Gifhorn for over 30 years now. It is a beautiful area that invites you to paint. Here and there there are still beautiful heathlands with sheep, shepherds and tourist guides. I occasionally still use the heath motifs in Bad Bodenteich, at the Holy Hain near Wahrenholz, and especially in the area around Hermannsburg in the Celle district, for my watercolor painting.

For a long time I was interested in naturalistic landscape painting, which is now taking a back seat. It drives me to the imagined fantasy motifs. This is called ‘painting and drawing according to your own (imagined) ideas’. Of course, there are also the appropriate English terms: DFI (draw from imagination) and PFI (paint from imagination). In spring 2022 I relaunched my homepage. I deleted my old BLOG articles, online forums, etc. I have summarized some pictures in the galleries. In 2023 everything will certainly fill up again quickly…

A particular challenge for me at the moment is the loss of my lower leg. I need to learn to walk again and strengthen my muscles. Months of lying in the hospitals have left their mark. That’s why I’m already looking forward to the coming spring and painting in the great outdoors.

… and now have fun browsing my homepage!