About me

Now, after completing my professional career, I am intensively engaged in watercolor painting. I do painting trips, painting on site and in the studio at home. I exhibit everything to do with my painting here on my homepage, which I developed and am constantly updating. I also offer watercolor workshops. Live events take place in Zoom, videos can be streamed directly from this homepage or are also available as DVD or Blu-Ray.

I’ve been living in a small village in the Südheide near Gifhorn for over 25 years now . It is a beautiful area that invites you to paint. Here and there there are still beautiful heathlands with sheep, shepherds and tourist guides. I occasionally still use the heath motifs in Bad Bodenteich, at the Heiligen Hain near Wahrenholz, and especially in the area around Hermannsburg in the Celle district, for my watercolor painting. 

For a long time I was interested in naturalistic landscape painting, which is now taking a back seat. It drives me more and more to invented fantasy motifs. This is called “painting and drawing according to your own ideas”. Of course, there are also the appropriate English terms: DFI (draw from imagination) and PFI (paint from imagination). In 2022 I restarted my homepage with this orientation .  

… and now have fun browsing my homepage!