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Good bye, November 2020

Now November is almost over again! I didn’t have much time to paint. Hopefully that will change in December! What else is new?
Yes, I will build my picture frames myself in the future. Table saw and router are ready. From wood to aluminum, I can make my own picture frames. 

You can read about what will change in 2021 and what is planned in my next NEWSLETTER. The free subscription can be viewed, subscribed to and canceled in the footer.

27. November 2020

Vlog news

The vlog area “Uwe on the move” has been equipped with a new player and initially free landscape videos. Is a real inspiration for landscape painting …

The 2nd part of the Mandarine Vlog is now online. Find it under VLOG -> “Uwe paints fruit & vegetables”

24. November 2020

Painting techniques

Yeah, I can’t stop. I am attending another workshop. The reason for this are special color mixing techniques that I would like to get to know. In addition, I have already received further valuable information on the correct selection and use of watercolor brushes. Of course I am happy when I find more needles in the haystack. This is especially nice when you haven’t discovered anything new for a long time.

22. November 2020

November blues

Somehow I haven’t found the time or inclination to put something on paper. Yes, I made a video about the pumpkins privately and only for me and overstrained my eyes. So I struggle with the mandarin motif. Here I try different techniques. The workshop at Anita’s somehow passed me by. November blues? Walks in cool wind and drizzle don’t really help at the moment. It doesn’t matter, it’s about to start again – with a brush, paint and lots of light – 

Now I’ve finished the tangerine painting for myself. Here and there I could work out a little more. But it’s enough for my VLog. The video is almost done too. The audio dubbing for the fast image sequences and the subtitles are still missing. I’ll deal with that tomorrow … 

5. November 2020

What’s up?

Today I found a little time to write something here in the blog again. I got a new workstation, which I am now rebuilding. Transferring licenses, transferring software and much more – but for this I am rewarded with extremely high speed. The time savings are particularly high in the area of ​​video and 3D object development. With 12 processors, 24 threads and 128Gb main memory I’m well on my way now. The graphics card supports 4k screen resolutions for 4 monitors. 
I also modernized my video equipment a bit, especially for my smartphone. I started the second part of the mandarin vlog. And then the second part of the heather motif is still pending. The preliminary drawing is already done. But I’m still thinking about whether I should paint two versions of it right away. The second version would then be a winter motif. 
The workshop with Anita Ullrich continues with the flower motifs. I should actually get that done quickly, because a motif cannot be painted for more than 30 minutes. However, I cannot yet estimate what will come of this for me. 
And it goes outside again. For this I have already explored the Wittingen industrial area with the port facility. 

That’s it – my first signs of life here in November blog from me! The first little flower pictures from the workshop will follow soon.


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