Last modified Sunday, 31. January 2021 - 11:14 o'clock

New Year’s Eve painting 2020

Yes, my New Year’s Eve painting will take place this year too.

This time I will only paint pictures in a smaller format. There is a special reason for this. I also want to do a video or two of my New Years Eve painting. Of course, I hardly have time to paint something “bigger”. The theme is the “winter landscape”. 

10 o'clock

Blue winter night sky

I start with a greatly reduced color palette

13:30 o'clock

Ice floes

The 2nd picture is similar to the first picture – but now it’s about ice floes in front of the headland

18:30 o'clock

Winter forest

This picture is my last watercolor in 2020

I wish everyone a good and successful 2021

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