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October 2020

Welcome to October 2020! Now the cooler, dark season begins. Autumnal motifs come to the fore again. Halloween will also be a topic again. I will also start painting Christmas cards now. 

31. October 2020

Just spotted

Tonight there was a Halloween Facebook group evening with Gabriele Bittner. The pumpkins were on the scene. I watched the video and started right away. Well, not great. But it’s still finished … 

29. October 2020


Today it’s about stainless steel and a ceramic hob. The focus is on reflections on the saucepan and its reflections on the hotplate. Warm and cold colors are used again to describe the elliptical shapes. Let’s see what will come of it.

My vlog will continue over the weekend. Today I get a special tripod with a swivel arm. I also got my lights (photo lamps) out again.

I’m already making some progress when painting on the graphic display. I understand many processes better here and can use them (negatively) for my watercolor painting.

28. October 2020

3rd week

And already I’m in the 3rd week at the workshop. After the cuboid and what you can do with it, this week was about circles and cylinders. But not only! The use of a warm and a cold color was also practiced. Of course you can expand this as you like. But that’s a little tricky. Because it is also important to choose the right positions.

So here is my sketch, which I painted directly without a photo. I painted over some reflections and indicated these highlights with opaque white. This sketch can be used as a watercolor template to simply leave these reflections “not painted” as paper white. So without the use of opaque white …


23. October 2020

Green screen video test

Now I’ve just finished. My first green screen video test turned out quite nice. Here is a photo from tonight’s test video. Everything is much better, especially if I put my lamps back up.

Yawn … and when it gets light I’ll paint again!

Today I first replaced the cookie box with the cookie bar and revised it. Now the “Essential Settings” can be selected immediately. The VLogs are then blocked and can only be viewed if the cookies by Vimeo are accepted  The same applies to other external content (not currently on my homepage, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. But that may come …)

22. October 2020

Tomorrow it can go on …

In the last few days I’ve spent a lot of time preparing some workshops. The key words for this are “blogging” and “filming with the modern smartphone”. So no painting courses. But I will also be offering something like this here in our region (Isenhagener Land, Wittingen, Hankensbüttel etc.) next year. But I don’t want to reveal more at this point.

Filming with the smartphone will of course also affect my VLog and my photos. From now on I will try to do everything more professionally. But now I’m really looking forward to the watercolor painting and all of that!

16. October 2020

Daily sketch

Here is a very quick morning sketch of my late dog. I drew the sketch digitally, as if on paper. 

Today in the workshop I got the comment about my grand piano, which I had finished yesterday. Yes, the harmony is missing. I had already thought so, because everything in the picture doesn’t come across as coherently. Yes, those are the pictures for the garbage can that I still often paint. But without the courage to try something, you won’t get any further. 

The next week is about chairs, painted negatively. I will limit myself to this object again. And as a reminder, I write the following down here: Also use warm and cold variants of a color!

15. October 2020

Finished ?

Not really. The carpet at the back isn’t great and the shadows on the floor aren’t strong enough either. No matter! Today is the handover in the workshop with Anita Ullrich. Tomorrow there is a new topic … The reflection on the grand piano is actually even darker. Maybe it’s already too much on the watercolor …

12. October 2020

Intermediate result …

First steps …

11. October 2020

Learned through the night …

and now “my pear (head) smokes” 😚- I finished another online workshop in terms of digital painting and drawing. The completion certificates for the courses are gradually piling up. And now I’ve made the jump to “Blender 3D” again (3D graphics / video development program). Personally, I find the simulation of light and shadow in Blender quite helpful for painting. In this way, the shadows cast by objects can be studied. (Also light reflections, etc.) – Yes, you can also set up everything in the conventional way in reality. But then you spend hours building it up. No fear! I won’t go into the technical here for now. What counts are the results that come out as study templates. For this purpose, I plan, for example, small clips in which the shadows of an object (e.g. House) can be tracked over a certain period of time. (Rising sun, course of the sun, angle of light incidence, etc.)

And how did I come back to it now? In Anita Ullrich’s watercolor workshop, the first week is about cuboids or rectangular objects. Examples of this are mailboxes, washing machines, etc. – When light is taken into account in the watercolor, shadows are created. This should be painted believably. Appropriate study material would therefore be useful as an exercise. That’s my idea.

My book is here! “Costal Landscapes” is an older work by David Bellamy and very beautiful! I bought it used. In November a new book by him with the title “Landscapes through the Seasons” will be published, which I have pre-ordered …

But now I’ll go back to my analog painting stuff … 

My idea for the workshop – Week 1

My little grand piano is a beautiful motif. It is rounded at the back, but the basic shape is a cuboid. Likewise the seat and the cupboards in the background. The preliminary drawing has been created. The transfer now follows onto tracing paper and from there onto the watercolor paper. 
10. October 2020

Practice, practice, practice

Today I finished another workshop on “Digital drawing and painting”. I’m excited! But watercolor painting must go further now. I have just finished another mandarin exercise. I have not yet created a video because it is a bit noisy here. Maybe tonight when everyone is asleep …

I think this is how I can paint the tangerine. I like the colors much better now. The original is painted in postcard size. Now I’m going to choose a larger format and add the bowl …

9. October 2020

Here’s a first try …

draw digitally. Today I just grabbed the pen and made the head of a cow. It’s a raw sketch. Actually drawn much too precisely as a starting point. Well, you start small. I had a lot of fun. Actually no difference to drawing on paper.

The first week of Anita Ullrich’s workshop is about cuboids. Draw exercises and cuboid objects from your own environment. Yes, this requires a good eye and a little knowledge of compositional forms. No fear! I won’t be texting this a lot! I will post my watercolors here without comment in the next few days.

7. October 2020

Chestnuts photo template

In the photo templates gallery I have added five new photo templates under “Kitchen Pictures”. The chestnuts are arranged in a triangle shape (composition). The pictures are quite large so that you can zoom in more detailed. The photos may only be used freely as a coloring template.

My workplace for digital painting and drawing is now also set up. The work table can be raised and lowered electrically. I have connected an external fan to my notebook, which cools the system under extreme load.

I am very satisfied with my graphic display. No comparison to my old drawing board. You can draw nice long clean lines. Pen pressure and angles work very nicely too. Of course, I already have enough learning material for more complex projects for digital drawing. I already mentioned Aaron Blaise’s media in connection with my Africa project …

6. October 2020

A few more tries …

It’s interesting how photos can falsify a subject. This may also be a reason why professional photos are almost always post-processed and make us believe such a great picture. Our brain stores these fakes as real reality. What then does photorealistic painting mean? A painted copy of a falsely represented world? 

For me photography is a separate artistic field. Yes, you can paint photo-realistic and copy a photo like that. However, I find it easier to take photos myself right away. In addition, complex, hyperphotorealistically painted works are almost always painted / copied from photo templates. 

The following should also be considered:  The colors, brightness and contrast are also displayed differently on different PC monitors, smartphones, tablets or displays. Therefore, monitors are calibrated very often. Many users work at home on uncalibrated devices and a photo on the monitor is further falsified. If you print out these photos, there will be further falsifications. Original works of art should therefore be looked at directly. The art exhibitions serve this purpose. 

What does that mean for me? I should look at templates briefly and then put them away. It is important to memorize the shapes and proportions of motifs while looking at them. Actually nothing more. I should leave the rest to my imagination and my experiences. 

The reality of painting on site is also perceived differently by everyone. My goal is to get the best out of a motif in a painterly way. This often only works by distorting colors, shapes and light, for example. This is how I create a personal mood. 

I have to keep repeating these facts to myself. Therefore I will carry out a few more picturesque attempts with my mandarins. I will then present the results in the vlog. 

5. October 2020

Test tangerine

I have noticed that my color selection corresponds exactly to that of the mandarin, but does not glow as fruity. (More in the 2nd vlog part). Here is a test image with an additional color. I don’t like the orange yet. Let’s see what else I can change the colors.

3. October 2020


I’m painting a kitchen picture again. There will be also a vlog for this. Right now, (12:45 am), I’ve almost finished Part 1. The English subtitles are still missing. In the first part I recorded how I set the colors for the tangerine for myself. That is about a 10 minute film. In the 2nd part I then paint the tangerine with this color selection. 

The video is now online – Here is the direct link to the page “Uwe paints fruit and vegetables”

2. October 2020

Workshop in October …

As already mentioned, I will take part in the workshop “My world in watercolor” with Anita Ullrich on October 9th. The rules for the publication of my pictures according to their templates are not as restrictive as with other lecturers. This is also one of the reasons that I chose exactly this workshop. Why do I still take part in workshops at all? For me personally, it is working together in a community that I really like. Of course, you always learn new things that are very important for the further development of your own painting. It is also important to continuously refresh what you have learned. 
For today I have decided to paint another “kitchen picture”. For this I have prepared a tangerine. For me it is again an exercise to represent shapes. The vlog for my alpine tour “Uwe on the go…” will follow in a few days. First of all, I have to sort out all the film and photo material. And yes, some sketches were made on site …
1. October 2020

Draw paper-friendly …

I am now also trying out digital drawing. Of course I continue to paint and draw on paper. But I don’t want to waste so much paper on the very first sketches and experiments. That’s why I’ve now bought a 19.3 inch graphics tablet. I had an old drawing board, but no graphics display. That always took some getting used to. 
End of October 2020

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