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What’s next?

In the meantime I had to take a few steps backwards, so everything was delayed. I just had to redesign my website. After an update there were some display problems. But they are all fixed now.

There is still news: In September I will paint once a week on site at the VHS. That goes for 12 weeks, maybe longer. In addition, a workshop with Anita Ullrich will start again in October. I am also registered there. I am also expanding my painting. I’ve also recently started using airbrush techniques. Some weekend workshops are already planned. 

I will try to finish my Hawaiian watercolor project in that time. After many exercises on different motives, 2 motives remain for me: 

A view of Honolulu city with Diamond Head in the background. So that this motif doesn’t become too monotonous, I chose the sunset. The light thus falls in from the rear left.

The 2nd motif is a beach scene with an approaching wave and Diamond Head in the background on the left. Here I try to implement a sunrise. However, I am afraid that there will be too many dark areas in the backlight. 

Let’s see…


Best regards

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