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Regional motifs

For me, our region has motifs with a very special charm. Nothing splendid, but a lot of nature with open spaces, apart from industrial agriculture. But this industrial agriculture also offers many different interesting motifs. Half-timbered houses and small churches in the surrounding area are also ideal for me. In the next few weeks I will limit myself to exactly such “coloring pages”, at home in the studio or outside on site.

So here are a few of my photos that I have ready for reference. You can also use them as a reference for painting, otherwise these photos may not be used for any other purpose. 

I will no longer practice the watercolor techniques well. Now I’ve come to a point where creativity is at stake. I am of the opinion that this is exactly what I have to focus on in the near future. I got to know what possibilities there are in watercolor painting to create pictures.  

Today it was about the first six pictures from above for me. Painting the different skies wasn’t that much of a problem for me now. Rather the depiction of a field and the depiction of furrows and ditches. Everything is beautifully photographed tone on tone in the photo. I often have the difficulty separating myself from the photo or the on-site view. Then I paint an illustration rather than an expressive watercolor. In short, I then worked towards the simplest representation of a field. There are only a few lines in perspective that suggest a field. 

Thank you very much for the nice morning on Twitch

On Sunday morning I had nice people around me while I was painting. Of course, I couldn’t keep the time allotted for the watercolor sketch, but that doesn’t bother me too much! Of course I made some mistakes again. But I can only learn from that. I will turn off the sound when I use the hair dryer in the future! I hope that there was no permanent hearing damage! 😅

I made some notes about what I would like to include in my stream next Tuesday:

  • Clean and repair brushes
  • Paint something small with my “Pelikan” paints from the 70s
  • Minimal equipment on the subject of urban sketching
  • Create color cards
  • Maybe show a few more watercolor and drawing books that I particularly like

A watercolor sketch will also be painted live again …

Sunday is planned

Tuesday there was a very long stream from me for 9 hours. And after that there were a few more questions. Therefore prepare 2 topics for Sunday: Brushes and the word “rules”

Then I’ll sketch another watercolor. So the plan…. I am closing this blog post.

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