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Practice properly and
don’t waste time

… to further develop painting. A few things have come to my mind recently that have made me think. After over 2 years of abstinence, I noticed that a lot of knowledge and craftsmanship seemed to have been lost. The question arises as to how I can bring everything back and improve the things that were still immature at the time.

Therefore, continuous and absolutely concentrated practice must come first. At the same time, practicing must always be fun. Because that’s where I get the motivation.

What about the Hawaii motifs? The big Honolulu motif has the highest priority. After that I will use more Hawaii motifs for my work. Maybe I can use some motifs in Anita’s workshop, in the VHS group or for my own first attempts at airbrushing.

At the weekend I attended Roger Hassler’s beginners’ workshop. It was great fun! Here are a few exercises. In the first picture I practiced rectangular gradients before moving on to a galaxy motif. On Sunday I tried my hand at a toucan. Unfortunately I had a bit of overspray on the galaxy and had difficulty cutting out the cover film on the toucan.

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