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The big workshop blog

… divided into groups

Now it finally starts! Without a lot of frills!

Today our fiber optic connection was switched through!

Bye, bye satellite transmission – bye bye LTE



Many things can now be done more easily …


Current – update

Yesterday and today I dealt with digital painting – tomorrow it will be the watercolor again – a few workshop exercises for weeks 3 and 4 – but not in the live stream. I am also preparing a new YouTube video again. If there is still time, I’ll stream in between.


“Water in watercolor”

a workshop by Anita Ulrich

Here I present my studies on the various workshop topics. 

  • Info on week 1
    • This is about the topic of “river and lake”.
  • Info on week 2
    • This is about the subject of “rapids”.
  • Info on week 3
    • This is about the subject of “Fountains – water jets and waves in the water”.
  • Info on week 4
    • This is about the topic “Above Water – Under Water”.

“Live Stream Event”

Ideas implemented live 

… and already December is here. Yesterday on December 5th I painted this beach picture. Some mishaps have happened to me. So I listened to the chatters and ad hoc equipped the beach scene with a deer and a giraffe … 😁😁😁

“The living stroke”

A separate project for livelier images

Here I show simple and different exercises, created in a classic and / or modern way.

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