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Painting and drawing techniques

So, here’s another comparison that shows how quickly such a doodle work can become cluttered if you do too much. A little info: I probably won’t be able to paint any more pictures before mid-October 2022. I hope that it can continue afterwards.

I am expanding my LINK list with some artists from the DARK ART scene, such as Chad Wehrle and Charles Lister. I find these styles particularly interesting. Much of it can certainly be implemented as a watercolor. A couple of videos by Jio Tattoo auf Youtube und Keth Byonnsey are very interesting on the doodling techniques.

There are various techniques to depict ‘dark art’. Today I’ve been a bit busy with the doodle technique and tried it out with the ballpoint pen. I drew directly on the paper without a template and let something emerge freely. Cruel yes! (See right below) But everything needs practice. Maybe I should try to work out simpler motifs first. It is also helpful to represent everything with one line, i.e. do not put down the pen…

Many things immediately struck me: a more harmonious, looser stroke is required, the contrasts have to be right, and much more. Another interesting technique is to use graphite fingerprints to create the illusion of dark figures. For me, this technique would be the transition to watercolor or ink. A motif can be displayed using precisely positioned gradients. In the near future, here in this blog, I will show various experiments with different techniques.

And that’s it from me again

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P.S. Background Picture of Wolfgang Eckert  •  Lkr. Forchheim/Bayern

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