Last modified Wednesday, 9. August 2023 - 15:14 o'clock

The restart will drag on

After much deliberation, I decided to start all over again. That’s why I created a new Twitch account and also created this homepage. My streaming times are always set to the weekend at first. My nick name is “Papierweiss“. Launch on is then planned.

Currently I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of painting and drawing:

  1. The workshop “Grünzeug” by Anita Ulrich
  2. The workshop “Coast” by Anita Ulrich (which is currently ongoing)
  3. A virtual journey through Hawaii


There are also dates planned when I will finish painting my unfinished paintings on My project “Dark Art” will later be the focus of my work. I will then document everything from scratch here, so that newcomers can join in right away.

What is Actually, computer games are played together here. But that’s not all! Luckily! This is also where art is streamed and parties are made, as with soundwave111 Anastasia Rose DEEJYAFAMILY …

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