Last modified Wednesday, 22. September 2021 - 11:04 o'clock

Now I have a phase like that again …

I’ll have to work my way through that again! Nothing works!
“Quick painting” is very important to me at the moment. Then too many fundamental mistakes happen to me. At least for now. I was very good at it with the church. Get started right away WITHOUT SIGNING. Then just fill it up. Actually, otherwise not the problem. At 20 minutes I was very good at my time. And then chaos! The planned hour then turned into 3 hours with a messed up result. Everything nicely captured in the live stream. It’s not that bad, but annoying for me!

It was the same with my giraffes! Everything not properly thought out and also over time. Then the color ran into the giraffe’s comb, which destroyed the beautiful structure of the strands. The boy’s giraffe head is also painted to the limit and is actually too small. This happens when a motif is tinkered together.

Maybe I should stop after an hour in general. Then there would probably be no finished picture for a few months … Just keep practicing and try to improve the time …

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