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A still life after a photo motif by Christine Wiedenmann

In addition to the “rework” of the Leinburg workshop, I am working on a still life. The photo motif by Christine Wiedenmann has been part of my project plans for a larger watercolour, starting with Din A2 format. In order to realize this, I would like to take a little more time and make some preliminary studies on this motif. This includes tonal sketches, textures, and the composition of different color palettes. I would also like to work from the small format to the large format.

What is we talking about now? Here is my very first freehand tonal sketch in Din A3, painted on a Bockingford watercolor spiral block, 300g. For this I used the Schmincke watercolor paint “Neutral Ink” , a flat brush and a liner. I haven’t put any emphasis on the details of the motive here. Brightnesses and darkness should be highlighted first.

Further steps to follow here soon ..

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