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Test Sketches

The very first beginning has been made. The first test sketch is finished and has errors upon errors. That’s what test sketches are for! Now I can correct and refine everything in the next version. I also have a template for the next steps. Unfortunately, the photo I received is of no use to me. That’s why I freely put together this view of Diamond Head and Honolulu. As you can quickly see, a number of mistakes were made. The color of the sky does not match the “city view”, see picture on the right. In the picture on the left the correction (unfortunately it was only possible with opaque white). The goal was a sunset atmosphere. What I also notice is that the horizon divides the page. It is set too high. Another no-go.

New: Motif 2 – Sunset Beach Wave – Some errors have crept in here too. The tonal values ​​aren’t quite right yet and I don’t like the wave either. The sky was too colorless. So I went over what a watercolor is not helpful for. The wet beach also needs improvement…

Now it’s time for the 3rd motif, a combination of the first and 2nd motifs

Now I’ll move on to the 3rd motif, a combination of “Honolulu, Diamond Head” and “Beach, palm trees and a wave”. Soon to be seen here on this blog page…

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