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Everything old was thrown overboard! A new section in my watercolor painting also means a completely new homepage. Several weeks have already passed and during this time I have integrated and tested all required technologies in this homepage. You only need to be unlocked by me. But there is still a lack of design and content. And here is still a long way to go!

I would like to develop my own design myself, paint and draw on paper, take photographs and install them here in the pages. This forces me to make many pictures and designs. In addition, I will offer some of it in a shop here. As I said, there is still a long way to go!

Since some people are now interested in my work, in general and on the homepage, I do not want to act completely in secrecy. Thus, the homepage will continue to be filled with content and the design adapted. Everything public. In further contributions I will report on my work on the design of the web pages, present drawings and much more. For this I have set up the category My Websites , via which all contributions to the homepage will be available. Accessible in the menu bar ABOUT-> My web pages  ….

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