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Last modified Saturday, 25. July 2020 - 12:37 o'clock

My public vlog -Information & Overviev


It’s done and you’re ready to go! My videos only run on my vlog, but are played by Vimeo (Pro Version). This has the advantage that, depending on the connection speed of the user to the web, the video or the resolution is adapted. In addition, the films can be played without problems even with a high number of users. Stutters, etc. can occur from time to time, especially if the user is currently downloading updates. It doesn’t always have to be my vlog …

What’s what?


In my video logbook (Vlog) I will provide films from my painting trips and studio work – they are NOT tutorials, but simply impressions of my exercises, drawings and watercolor works. I also let my thoughts run free. If you want, you can watch the videos or take part. As far as possible, I will be happy to answer questions about the individual topics. Everything that is created here on my website, I do JUST FOR FUN! In German and in a language similar to English… 😁😁😁

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