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To begin with, I have carried out some searches over Hawaii. In addition, I also have to me film documentations on Nationwide Geographic: Wild Hawaii looked. Then I have dealt especially with Honolulu and have taken the view of the volcano from Diamond Head under the consideration of different aspects under the magnifying glass.
For the first watercolor, I have selected to me this motive (Diamond Head).
The watercolor should be warm for me and be colored. Either a morning mood or evening mood arises from it. Hence, the solar course had to be cleared. To the left of the picture there is the sunrise, surely the sundown. In the course of, the sun stands very precipitously in the sky. Of course, I could also paint a night representation with many colored lights. Time look

The panoramic view contain countless buildings and streets. Here I will strongly have to reduce. The watercolor lives, actually, on big surfaces. Here I must find a middle course in the representation. Maybe I should also consider a zoom representation, how here the photo from Wikipedia. Another motive would be the lighthouse of diamond head. In the next step, I outline the motive with the pencil on watercolor paper.

More in a few days … 

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